As you know, a sewage accident is never a pleasant situation to experience. Whenever you do have a sewage loss (toilet back up, overflow, or broken sewer line, injection pit overflow) you want help FAST. Call Amerestore, America’s Restoration Team, 1-800-672-1992. We will respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week to get your mess cleaned up.

Sewage Cleanup & Removal Services

We are capable of handling any size loss. We use industry certified The Clean Trust (formally known as I.I.C.R.C.) trained technicians and follow The Clean Trust standards for sewage (black water) clean up. We will remove affected material, apply a disinfectant and clean with water over 200 degrees to assure that we kill any bacteria generated by the sewage. Sewage (black water) contains viruses (roto virus, adenovirus,) bacteria (gram negative bacteria which contains E-Coli) and other dangerous pathogens that can and will make you sick. It is EXTREMELY important to hire Amerestore who is trained in handling such losses to protect the health of the occupants.

Crawl Spaces

We also clean up and dry out crawl spaces that have been affected by sewage. Sewer lines can break and contamination can go undetected for months, creating a hazardous living condition in your residence. We will clean out the crawl space and return the area to normal.

A sewage loss is a very serious matter and must be treated as such. Call someone you know you can trust, call Amerestore, America’s Restoration Team.

Tips for Sewage Losses

  1. Call Amerestore, 1-800-672-1992.
  2. Do not let the sewage come in contact with your skin, mouth, eyes or open cuts.
  3. Turn off or stop the source of the back up if possible.
  5. Do not walk in the contaminated area then to an uncontaminated area, this will only cause the uncontaminated area to become a contaminated area.
  6. Wear gloves. Be careful not to touch door knobs with contaminated gloves.
  7. Do not carry contaminated contents to unaffected areas.
  8. Slow down, take a deep breath, Amerestore is on the way.