If your facility is faced with the difficult task of cleaning up after a trauma, crime scene, decomposition, suicide or blood clean up, rely on Amerestore’s professionals who are trained for these types of emergencies. Our technicians are trained and certified to deal with such situations and will respond to your emergency to discreetly clean and restore the area to as close to original condition as possible.

Trauma, Bio-Hazard & Crime Scene Clean-Up Services

Bio-Hazard clean up requires a specially trained person in dealing with such tragedies. We will take special care to clean, disinfect or remove all affected material. With our special deodorizing techniques, all of the odors associated with this kind of a loss will be removed. After we have the area cleaned and disinfected, if needed, our contractors will replace any building material that was removed, paint and replace flooring. At Amerestore, we can handle the entire loss from start to finish.

When you need someone you can trust in this time of need, you can trust Amerestore.